Alamang Bagoong Regular 250g

Alamang Bagoong Regular 250g

Alamang Bagoong Regular 250g

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Alamang Bagoong is a fermented condiment made of minute shrimp or krill. These small crustaceans are cleaned in a brine solution and mixed with salt. The mixture is kept in earthen jars and allowed to ferment for about 1 to 3 months, with food coloring added to give the paste its characteristic red or pink hue. Because of this, the popularity and use of shrimp paste eventually expanded to the rest of Southeast Asia. Despite it being relatively pungent, its complex taste and combination of salty, sweet and umami flavors make it a staple in the Filipino kitchen.

But did you know that despite the smell and look of this condiment, Bagoong Alamang has a hidden health benefit? It contains a high level of essential fatty acid like D.H.A and polyunsaturated fatty acid. These acids have a beneficial effect on human health.

What goes well with bagoong?

What to serve with bagoong rice
  • Chicken Kare-Kare.
  • Lechon Kawali.
  • Sweet Adobo.
  • Crispy Fried Pork belly.
  • Chicken Barbecue.
  • Grilled Fish or Inihaw na Isda.
  • Lechon.
  • Pork Barbecue.


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