What Are the Healthiest Fish to Eat?

Fish can be a fantastic source of lean protein full of micronutrients like omega-3s and minerals like iodine. If you include fish on your plate, you can improve your brain function and keep your heart healthy. The Philippine Heart Association recommends eating at least two servings of fish each week, especially those of the fattier variety.

Make sure to appreciate the advantage of eating healthy fish. Here are healthy fish options that can inspire you to prepare for your daily meals:



Just like anchovies but with a bigger size and milder flavor, sardines also have a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and can be a great source of calcium, minerals, and vitamin B12. Sardines can also be great for soothing people's nervous systems. 

Adding extra-virgin olive oil to sardines can be great as it can improve the taste. By adding olive oil, you can have more healthy fats and antioxidants. You can even fry it and enjoy its crunchy goodness without worrying about the fishbone!


Tuna is an excellent source of iodine, selenium, vitamins D and B12, and omega-3s. Since this fish is quite large, consider eating in small portions to avoid consuming high levels of mercury. 

You may serve this on a tuna melt or tuna fish sandwich for your family to enjoy. You can try to add tuna to your pasta or salad and incorporate more micronutrients with vegetables.


Salmon is among the most famous and versatile fish, full of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D3, B12, and protein! Research shows that consuming at least two servings of salmon weekly helps meet the required omega-3 fatty acids. It helps lower blood pressure and decreases risk factors for disease.


Here are tiny fish full of flavor, selenium that supports thyroid health, and omega 3s that improve cardiovascular health and cognitive function.

To prepare this, mash anchovies with olives. After that, you can use them to add flavor to your pasta, salad dressings, salads, or toast. Since they have a milder flavor and a different texture, they can be easier to approach.


Mackerel is also an excellent source of vitamin D, vitamin B12, and omega-3s. This kind of fish is also affordable, sustainable, and healthy because it has low levels of mercury. It also smells less fishy than anchovies and sardines; however, it is fattier than tuna. Order mackerel and prepare it on toast or try a recipe for marinated fish. 


Named after Cebu’s legendary chieftain, Lapu-lapu is a grouper considered one of Asia’s reef fish that people frequently sought after. In the tropical waters, there are forty species of Lapu-Lapu and two of them are cultured commercially in the Philippines. These are the orange-spotted grouper and the black grouper.

Lapu-lapu is among the most delicious fish available. It may be a bit expensive because of its great taste and luscious texture. It is especially succulent whenever it is steamed with scallion, ginger, canola oil, wine, and soy sauce.


Tilapia is a kind of fish that may be native to Africa and the Middle East but is now plenty in the Philippines.

This fish is famous for its flaky texture and mild and sweet taste. Tilapia has a flavor that significantly fluctuates depending on the feed and water quality. This food source is famous because of its affordability and many health benefits. 


The silver Pacific salt-water fish, milkfish, or Bangus lays eggs in shallow coastal waters. It is capable of withstanding water with low salinity. It is an excellent source of selenium, B-complex vitamins, fat, good cholesterol, calories, and saturated fat that are good for everyday health.

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