18 products

    18 products
    Chicken Nuggets 450g
    Chicken Patty 350g
    Melo's Angus Beef Tapa 450g
    Sold Out
    Melo's Angus Beef Tapa 900g
    Marinated Boneless Dagupan Bangus 400-450g
    from ₱235.00
    Smoked Boneless Dagupan Bangus / Tinapa 350-400g
    Sonsi Longganisa
    Bicol Express 400g
    Sold Out
    Korean Alddul Vienna Sausage 1kg
    Fisherfarms Rellenong Bangus 325g
    Fisherfarms Smoked Pure Bangus Belly 100g
    Dagupan Boneless Bangus
    from ₱190.00
    Tuyo - Tawilis 250g
    Dilis 125 grams
    Blueberry 125g
    Pampanga's Best Tocino
    from ₱55.00
    Pampanga's Best Beef Tapa 450g
    Sold Out
    Pampanga's Best Longaniza
    from ₱140.00
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