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10 products

    10 products
    Brazilian Grass-Fed Rib-Eye
    from ₱270.00
    Melo's Angus Beef Ribeye Steak 250g
    Melo's Angus Beef Burger 600g
    Sold Out
    Melo's Angus Beef Tapa 900g
    Sold Out
    Melo's Angus Beef Tapa 450g
    Sold Out
    Melo's Angus Tenderloin Salpicao 400-500g
    Sold Out
    Saikoro Wagyu Steak Cubes 1kg
    US Beef Tenderloin Slab
    from ₱2,000.00
    Beef Galbi (Shortribs Sliced) 500g
    Sold Out
    Luka's Butter-Aged Porterhouse Steak
    from ₱304.00
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