Regular Beef

19 products

    19 products
    Ground Beef 500g
    Ground Beef (Sirloin) 500g
    Beef Spareribs (Caldereta / Stew Cut) 400-500g
    Beef Shortribs 400-500g
    Beef Top Blade/Calitiran 400-500g
    Beef Sukiyaki (Sirloin) 400-500g
    Beef Sirloin Steak Slab 400-500g
    Sold Out
    Beef Belly Sliced / Beef Samgyupsal
    from ₱390.00
    Beef Shank (Bulalo Cut) 1kg
    Prime Tenderloin Salpicao Cut 400-500g
    Prime Tenderloin Steak Cut 400-500g
    Sold Out
    Beef Bones (Soup Pack) 1kg
    Beef Tendon
    from ₱390.00
    Ox Tongue / Lengua 1pc
    from ₱660.00
    Beef Tripe 400-500g
    Beef Balls 500g
    Chori burger 6 pcs.
    Ox Tongue (IMPORTED)
    from ₱1,215.00
    Luka's Butter-Aged Porterhouse Steak
    from ₱304.00
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