About us

Fish 'n Chix is owned and operated by A&L Fishpond and Hatchery Inc. We have been in the fish farming business since 1980; growing, harvesting and bringing to the market various fish produce such as hito, pangasius, shrimps and tilapia from its Pampanga and Bicol Farm to different parts of Luzon. We are also an established poultry dressing service provider and distributes chicken to the hotel and restaurant industry. 
In March 23 of 2020, Fish 'n Chix was launched as our response to the growing need of homes in Metro Manila for food supply delivered straight to their doorstep because of the Enhanced Community Quarantine measures implemented due to COVID19. We could not just sit back and watch, we felt the need to do something. Maximizing our resources, facilities and network, we decided to consolidate food supply from reliable sources including fish farms, seafood markets, chicken and meat farms, processors and importers including our very own fish produce. 
Fish 'n Chix makes sure that the supply are fresh. We clean, pack and store them in our Cold Storage facility and make sure that they are frozen at the right temperature to make sure that the produce that gets delivered to you are fresher than fresh! We call this fresh - frozen. We also make sure that frozen products from other sources are from reliable suppliers where products follow the same fresh-frozen process. 
This is our response and we are here to stay in providing you with quality food supply accessible from your laptops, tablets and mobile phones delivered straight to your homes. 
FishnChix.Ph aims to deliver quality produce & convenience to consumers.
FishnChix.Ph delivers quality produce & convenience to consumers for this generation and the generations to come; contributing to food security, access to quality food and providing convenience in the busy lifestyle of consumers today.
'Our health do not have to be compromised because of our busy lifestyle. FishnChix.Ph will do the work for you (product picking, cleaning, processing and packing) giving you more time for your family, work and your passions in life as we do what we are passionate with - preparing food for you!"
- Eleonor Tycangco, founder of FishnChix.Ph
Fish, Seafood, Poultry, Beef , Pork and Ready Meals
FishnChix.Ph follows the Fresh - Frozen Process for all its frozen fish, seafood, poultry, meat produce. Produce are Hand-Picked at the peak of its freshness, processed, packed neatly and frozen right away in the cold storage facility preserving all its nutrients until you're ready to cook them up - no thawing out just to look 'fresh'. 
We deliver the produce freezer-ready which can be conveniently stacked into your freezer.
The Fresh-Frozen Process makes produce delivered to you Fresher than Fresh and fulfills our mission to bring quality produce and convenience to homemakers
Did You Know? Fresh-Frozen Produce also preserves our environment as it lessens food waste as many produce that are not sold and consumed in the 'fresh' market end up being thrown out. Let's help preserve our environment while we get the nutrients out of the produce we consume :)
Fruits & Vegetables
FishnChix.Ph Hand-Picks all  fruits and vegetables in the early morning of your delivery date to make sure you get the freshest produce!


We are COMMITED in providing Excellent Customer Care & Convenience to our customers through a Competent Management Team that upholds Integrity and believes in continuous Innovation! 


FishnChix.Ph Team