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The freshest fruits & vegetables

Black Tilapia (Clean & Gutted)

from ₱155.00
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Boneless Bangus 450-550g 2pcs

Sale price ₱150.00 Regular price ₱165.00 Save ₱15

Dagupan Boneless Bangus

from ₱185.00

Galunggong Whole 1kg


Galunggong (Clean & Gutted) 1 kg


Shrimp / Suahe 1kg

from ₱565.00

Golden Pompano

from ₱200.00

Alumahan (Clean & Gutted) 1 kg


Asuhos / Whiting (Clean & Gutted) 450-500g


Black Pompano (Clean & Gutted)

from ₱300.00

Whole Chicken

from ₱200.00

Chicken (Tinola Cut)

from ₱245.00

Chicken Breast Whole

from ₱195.00

Black Chicken

from ₱430.00

Chicken Breast Fillet Skinless

from ₱730.00
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Chicken Cut Ups (Assorted) 1kg


Chicken Drumstick

from ₱270.00

Chicken Leg & Thigh Fillet Skin-on 2kl


Chicken Leg Quarter

from ₱255.00

Chicken Thigh with Back

from ₱270.00

Ground Pork

from ₱195.00

Lean Ground Pork

from ₱215.00

Extra Lean Ground Pork 500g


Pork Tonkatsu 500g


Pork Samgyupsal Cut 500g


Pork Sinigang Cut 1kg


Pork Pata Sliced 1kg

Sold Out

Pork Adobo Cut 1kg


Pork Tenderloin 1kg


Pork Menudo Cut 1kg


Beef Shank (Bulalo Cut) 1kg


Beef Shortribs 400-500g


Beef Sirloin Steak Slab 400-500g


Beef Spareribs (Caldereta / Stew Cut) 400-500g

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Beef Tendon

from ₱390.00

Alugbati 1 tali


Ampalaya / Bitter Gourd 1/2 kilo

from ₱120.00

Ampalaya Leaves 1 tali


Asparagus 1/4 kilo


Avocado 300-400 grams 1 pc


Baguio Beans 1/2 kilo


Bamboo Shoot / Labong 1/2 kilo


Banana(Lakatan) 1.5-1.6 kg 1 bunch


Banana(Latundan) 1.1-1.2 kg 1 bunch


Basil leaves 100 grams


From our customers


Fresh food · Great selection
Been buying meat and seafood from Fish 'n Chix since they started and the quality of their products has been consistently good... even better than the one i get from the grocery. The quality and ease of ordering and delivery makes this a winner for me.The following are a must try - Lapu lapu, pompano, kenchi beef, baby back ribs, and pork riblets 👌

Janethe C.

Fresh, clean, good quality meats and seafood I can rely on week after week. Their service was especially invaluable during the early days of quarantine. They started out with just a few items, and very quickly expanded to include more and more of our fresh meats and seafood essentials. Thanks and keep it up!

Abbey B.

will definitely order again...Shop is very responsive...everything was delivered on time,clean and fresh! highly recommended! thank you and till next time!

Ceszanne G.

Love their shrimps, pampano, pork riblets, Bicol express, chicken, tilapia... yummy and very good quality fresh and highly recommended! I now have a constant supply of meat and seafood without having to go out to buy

Alana Y.

Highly recommended. They deliver quality meat and fresh fish. Glad I discovered your shop.

Ida A.