Braised Beef Short Ribs

My family is always thrilled when they see galbijlim on the table. In Korea this richly flavored dish is usually made for special occasions like New Year's Day, the Korean harvest festival of Chuseok, a family member's birthday, or another special day or party, like an anniversary.

The beefy ribs are braised in a sweet and savory soy sauce broth until the meat can be easily pierced with a skewer and is just about falling off the bone. It stays intact, though, maintaining a tender, juicy texture. And the mirim makes the dish smell so good.

But what makes this dish extra special are the colorful ingredients braised along with the beef and ginkgo nuts, with pine nuts added as a garnish. Fresh, good-quality chestnuts are available only in the fall, but Korean grocery stores stock frozen and canned chestnuts year-round. use canned chestnuts all the time for galbijjim; they taste better than frozen and work better in the dish.